Sales Director
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Sales Director

工作地点:职位类别:人才计划 销售类 招聘人数:人

Post Responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for the management of sales team, for the execution of sales activities and for the accomplishment of sales targets.
2. Be responsible for the generation of sales strategy and solutions, and for the annual sales plan of our products.
3. Be responsible for the all-around customers activity analysis and for the capture of new market opportunities and potential customer needs.
4. Be responsible for providing marketing solutions based on customers’ needs; be responsible for the contract examination and the business negotiation in order to guarantee the contract volume and profit margin.
5. Be responsible for the project execution and the surveillance of payment collection.
Post Qualifications:
1. Bachelor degree or above,age: 25 to 40 years old,major in marketing, e-business or other related majors.
2. More than 10 years sales experience in the field of Information Technology (IT).
3. Master in providing sales solutions for integrated projects. We give priority to candidates who possess working experience for government, operators, finance and software.
4. Possessing excellent sales skills and business negotiation skills; possessing a good psychological quality and developed abilities as public relations.
5. Plentiful resource of person arteries, excellent business expansion capacities, searching insights and great abilities in marketing analysis.
6. We give priority to candidates who possess the working experience in the field of Virtual Reality (VR).

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