Rendering & Lighting Artist (Shanghai,beijing,China)
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Rendering & Lighting Artist (Shanghai,beijing,China)

工作地点:职位类别:实习职位 招聘人数:人

1. Responsible for the lighting, layered rendering and compositing in the project.
2. Responsible for rendering optimization, rendering the 3D scene by the lens hierarchical sub-channel.
3. Complete the leader’s tasks.
4. Responsible for the drawing of material in the project.
5. Complete other matters assigned by leader.
1. TV Movie, animation, games or related college degree or above.
2. Experience in setting and optimization of Mentalray & V-Ray renderer, proficient in Maya, Max rendering.
3. More than 2 years experience, have a good grasp of light and shadow, color, and the overall atmosphere, complete personal work or commercial works; (commercial work required to indicate the participation of individuals in part)
4. Good knowledge of art and artistic sense.

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