Regional Sales Mgr. (Shanghai,beijing,China)
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Regional Sales Mgr. (Shanghai,beijing,China)

工作地点:职位类别:销售类 招聘人数:人

1. Responsible for the market expansion according to the company’s overall sales target.
2. Achievement of regional sales target, be responsible for the sales process of overall project including market intelligence of pre-sales, market expansion of new client, collection of the customer’s information, organization of technical support, project bidding, contracting, payment issue etc.
3. Analysis of customer profiles, provide sales analysis data periodically.
4. Dealing with customer’s complaints, solving problems in time.
1. College degree or above.
2. More than 2 years sales experience, at least one year of project sales experience.
3. Strong self-learning ability and great interests in knowledge & new technology.
4. Experience in project bidding of Government, Military Research Institute, High School and Manufacture Industry.
5. Excellent communication, presentation, and clarity of thinking.
6. Work under great pressure.

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