Mechanical Structure Design Engineer (Shanghai, China)
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Mechanical Structure Design Engineer (Shanghai, China)

工作地点:职位类别:技术研发类 招聘人数:人

1.Responsible for the company’s standardized product research, design and other related work.
2.Responsible for the mechanical design , preparation of design drawings & technical documents of the company standardized product development projects,
3.Confirm the project schedule, cost and quality and take part in the prototype assembly guidance of standardized products.
4.According to the needs of the market& product, improve the design of mechanical products in real time.
1.Mechanical design, mechatronics or related bachelor degree or above, experience in mechanical systems design , hosted and designed a complete machine system.
2.Experience in the design of complex intelligent mechanical systems, being creative, mastering common computer design tools like Catia.
3.Familiar with the machining process, flexible application of a variety of common institutions, experience in the standard selection and systems integration.
4.Great interest in Mechanical design and willing to join in the intelligent machine and system design.
5.Active, responsible, practical experience in the motor electrical system and control is a plus.

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